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1 CHANGES TO THE BOARD on Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:35 am

Candy Warhol


You may have noticed the forums are set out a little differently as of late, due to a board re-arrangement applied by the administrators. This has been done to make browsing and posting in the forums as easy as possible and we are sure you will find the new order appealingly helpful.

The changes to the forums are as follows;

+ The Announcements forum remains the same, and shall contain posts solely from the administrative team. This forum shall be used to make important information available to all users.

+ Updates & Changes is a new forum, combining similar elements of the previous Updates forum and News blog together and taking up less board space. This forum shall be used to detail any updates and changes, in a format similar to this post.

+ The Development Blog has been added, replacing the old News blog which was of questionable use. This blog will be used to keep users who are interested up-to-date with a behind-the-scenes insight into the development of the site and current projects.


+ The 'REVIEWS' board has been replaced with the the 'GAMES & EQUIPMENT' board, allowing users not only to review, but also to discuss and seek advice on games and gaming equipment in the respective Discussions, Reviews and Advice forums.


+ The Introductions forum stays the same, and allows users to introduce themselves and be welcomed to the community.

+ The General Chat forum stays the same, and allows users to discuss any topics not related to gaming.

+ The old Graphics forum has been removed and generalized into a greater Multimedia forum. This forum contains three individual sub-forums for Visual, Audio and Cinema media.

+ The Roleplay forum has been added, allowing users to create and participate in Play-by-Post roleplays. This forum contains three individual sub-forums for topics featuring In Character posts, Out of Character discussion and Interect Checks.

I hope you will find the new layout as simple and effective as it was intended to be.

Candy Warhol Joyful

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