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1 HOMEPAGE COMPLETED! on Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:42 am


Hello there members,

As the title suggests, the homepage is finally completed, however has yet to be updated with new information.

The homepage now consists of eight facilities, all with their own informative purposes:

  • News: This allows users to track changes to the website, and follow upcoming events.
  • Profile: This contains open information on my XBox Live profile.
  • Follow: This contains helpful links to my profiles on various social websites.
  • Universal Box: This holds changing links to multiple events.
  • Top 5: This contains a list of my top 5 most enjoyed games.
  • Media: This allows users to follow featured videos on various games and events.
  • Reviews: This allows users to sample the most recent featured review by any Members.
  • Achievements: This contains the last ten achievements attained by myself.

These facilities or "widgets" will be updated on a regular basis by Administration, and will feature both Administrative, and Member work.

Most of the links on the main page lead to construction pages. This is due to a vast majority of the pages on the website are still under-construction, or are only in their drafting stages.


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