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1 Please Read: Forum Rules. on Sun May 13, 2012 9:04 am


Hello Guest!

On behalf of the website, and myself, I would like to welcome you to our forums! This is a place to relax, share information, and have fun!

We do have a set of rules that, so long as you follow them, should help to enhance your experience here.

1. No use of foul or malicious language, even if directed at a forum Troll; they have feelings too!

2. Avoid spamming, of any kind, at all costs.

3. Do not post any personal information or details that would be considered private without the permission of the individual. This means gamertags, email addresses, passwords, etc.

4. Do not link pornography or anything else that’s generally inappropriate.

5. Don't impersonate; no one enjoys being copied by a poor actor!

6. No sock-puppetry, or creations of more than one account on the forums.

7. No discussing, engaging, or encouraging in any illegal activities; leave that stuff for the professionals.

Don't break our rules, it's a pain being the law, and an even bigger pain for those under the ban-hammer [It really hurts!].



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